Conference Report 2015 Tokyo ENGLISH

Conference Report 2015 Tokyo

repo2015photo1The Asia-Pacific Early Mobilization Network held the 1st annual conference on “Early Mobilization and Rehabilitation in the ICU” in Tokyo, Japan, on July 20, 2015. This conference was held in conjunction with the International Early Mobilization Network chaired by Dr. Dale Needham (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA). The capacity of this conference facility was 200 people, with the event selling out in just three days. This registration information serves as a reminder that people in the Asia-Pacific region are very eager to learn about Early Mobilization in the ICU.

Experts from the US, UK, Australia, Japan, Korea, and Austria presented on a diverse range of topics. These topics included recent advances in research, clinical decision-making to safely mobilize critically ill patients, and culture change in the ICU. The final session was a workshop which included an active exchange of ideas about advancing early mobilization in the Asia-Pacific region.


The state of a work shop (from left to right D.Needham, T.Kotani, K. Klas, R. Kozu, S.Na, S.Burney, H.Katsukawa)

repo2015photo3 repo2015photo4 repo2015photo5 repo2015katsukawa

Throughout the busy 6-hour conference, the audience diligently listened to the presenters with English-Japanese simultaneous translation. This conference will be an ongoing educational event with different Asia-Pacific countries hosting the conference annually. The 2nd Annual Conference will occur in Seoul, Korea in July 2016.


Program and Brochure of the 1st conference is below
program brochure